Our Mission

Located in a tranquil office next to Meiji Jingu and close to Shinjuku, Yoyogi and Shibuya Tokyo Calligraphy Education Association has spent over a hundred years teaching Japanese calligraphy to anyone interested in this traditional art. 

Passionate about traditional culture we venture beyond offering calligraphy classes, but also engage in an intercultural dialogue by providing a calligraphy experience, guided tours and organizing international events. 



Japanese calligraphy is an essential part of the traditional culture, with historical roots that underline the contemporary society. Like other traditional disciplines it goes beyond simply writing a character and includes elements such as a correct posture, state of mind, discipline and desire to constantly improve and polish oneself.

Most people who have tried "書道" (shodo, Japanese calligraphy) have experienced time losing its relevance. After years of practice, this leads to the so-called "無心" (mushin), or a state of mind where one becomes one with the activity they are performing, and in which feelings such as anxiety or uncertainty simply do not exist. 


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