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Calligraphy exhibition event

A follow-up to the Japanese-Brazilian academic and cultural exchange sessions

In November (2018) we organised an event called "Japanese-Brazilian academic and cultural exchange sessions" at the Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo. You can read more about the event in one of our previous blog posts . In December, however, we had a follow-up event at our headquarters near Yoyogi station (in Shibuya ward), where the calligraphies written by the guests at the event in November, both Japanese and non-Japanese, were being displayed in the free space next to our classrooms.

Showcase of our guests` works

Due to a warm reception it got, the exhibition should stay throughout the January and at least into the first half of February, until it gets replaced by different works of our students. Feel free to drop by and have a look at the works of both Brazilian and Japanese guests who attended our event!

Here seen from a different angle

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